Monique NAKAO

Monique NAKAO

A philosopher, poetry enthusiast, and also a passionate artist, Monique Nakao very naturally turned to art in order to convey her symbolic vision of the world and the human figure. With immense sensitivity, and guided by her creative instinct, she is able to imbue her paintings with her conception of life and its incessant quest for happiness.

An unusual and wondrous world therefore emerges before our eyes, a world entirely crafted from a reinvented tangible reality. Her pieces are very often landscapes (seas, forests, mountains, and also towns) but in which a human presence is frequently detectable.

The artist’s creation, which remains very simple in terms of form, possesses a spontaneity and stylisation that point to an obvious passion for symbolism. The compositions are balanced, and the eloquent and subtle pictorial scripture results from a harmonious symbiosis between the European pictorial tradition and the Japanese culture with which the artist is infused. The brisk and generous brushstrokes and expressionistic and harmonious colours are in perfect synergy. Purples, reds and oranges blend with omnipresent blues which brighten the artworks.

Monique Nakao’s work is endearing, full of freshness and colour, inviting us (through its philosophical message of hope for mankind) to escape into a poetic universe that is suffused with harmony, innocence and refound happiness.

Francine BUNEL-MALRAS, Art historian

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