If you asked me what was really nice and exciting about my work as a peruser of gallery walls, I'd say making discoveries! It's not automatic: wandering galleries and salons, little by little, something will stand out, capture the attention, and finally seem self-evident, although it is the fruit of an artists' patient creativity, whatever the discipline practiced. When I was younger, I would listen to conversations about experienced critics who, sweeping pedestals and picture rails in a few minutes, would find the genius of tomorrow. What luck!

Although I was already familiar with his works, I had not yet had the pleasure of writing about Alain Triballeau's great talent. This visual arts teacher has, for a few years now, been exhibiting his sculptures and ceramics in a number of renowned art galleries and Salons. He has won remarkable awards for his sculptures which betray his mastery of Raku through their authenticity, which is in turn magnified by the brilliance of his imagination and the artist's surprising formal audacity in terms of colour and purity.

A. Triballeau's approach has nothing to do with mastering crackle. His reflection offers him the singularity of his art, namely the plurality of shapes, which are often inspired by nature. The apparent density of this alliance nevertheless gives rise to the creation of valuable mysterious spaces at the heart of these pieces, which are refined works forged in the fire and soul.

André RUELLAN, art critic

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