Claude Quiesse

Claude Quiesse

A superb artist from the Lower Normandy region, Claude QUIESSE, as good a painter as he is an excellent draughtsman, an appreciated sculptor as much as an experienced and daring navigator. Born in Caen, where attending the Ecole des Beaux Arts made him aware of the essential value of drawing, Claude QUIESSE has enriched his talent around the world without renouncing the sober and seductive expression that characterises him.

Not without a certain muted humour and an incisive sense of observation, this artist composes his works with a balanced technical knowledge while depositing a harmony with nostalgic effects, enhanced by a kindly poetry. In an atmosphere of mists blurred with gold and silver, how many moving seascapes with tangled masts and sails, how many dark groups of proud horsemen materialize in beauty the infinite and enthusiastic dream of Claude QUIESSE, a painter full of wonder and an authentic creator always in search of fascination and the unreal.

André RUELLAN, art critic

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