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Mireille Printemps


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After six years spent at the evening classes of the Beaux-Arts of Caen, Mireille PRINTEMPS quickly freed herself from her training to express her artistic passion in an original work with a well asserted style, worthy of J.M. William Turner, a master she particularly admires. Based in Caen, where she is originally from, and a member of several recognised artistic associations and prestigious academies, she has never stopped exhibiting in France and abroad.

"The sea, music, travel, feed the dream part of my inspiration" she admits. Thus the art of the landscape, including urban, finds an essential place in her creation. As a figurative painter, Mireille PRINTEMPS paradoxically manages to perfectly translate the evanescence of her subjects through a subtle preliminary work on the background in wash. These play an essential role in her compositions, which are always perfectly ordered, and create a feeling of dreaminess and lightness that deliberately tends towards the informal. The motifs, sketched in oil pastel, are superimposed with fluidity but precision in a long process of glazing - a technique that allows for the most subtle effects of transparency. The palette, with its carefully studied light colours - a veritable symphony of cameos dominated by blues, greys and pale ochres - aims to convey the diaphanous sensation that envelops the exalting poetic world into which the artist draws us.

Mireille Printemps' work, a perfect balance between reality and its sublimated vision reinterpreted by the artist, is suitable for rendering the elusive in its infinite nuances, and exalts with voluptuousness and serenity this need to travel towards the unknown to which we are invited.

Francine BUNEL-MALRAS, Art Historian

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