Yvelise Holopherne

Yvelise Holopherne


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The pictorial option that Yvelise HOLOPHERNE proposes is very interesting, in so much as she recounts history, defines the picturesque, and regionalizes motifs and colours. This is how she structures an evocative flow that is difficult to wield, but thanks to which the artist successfully expresses her talent as narrator and colourist. Her style is modern yet accessible, and has an expressive poetic quality that is very finely analysed. Yvelise HOLOPHERNE has a flare for creating a great many strange and unusual characters who are nevertheless integrated with ease onto the canvas where the brush-strokes, masses, colours and expressions form a flavourful artistic language.

Undeniably, through her technique, Yvelise HOLOPHERNE guarantees grace and elegance. This can be seen in the bodies, postures, sites and floral arrangements as they grow in colour and in light. Simultaneously, finesse and allusion to space animate a vital poetry in this silky and clear fluidity created by the water-colours and evocative pastels.

And all this is the result of the dreams and impressions of an artist whose talent and intelligence form a magical and precious whole.

André RUELLAN, art critic

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