A painter at heart since boyhood, Domalas has always been fascinated by the indescribable poetry that nature offers the eye, and has never stopped exploring and expressing the natural world in his artwork, in scenes that range from mists of his home region of Lorraine to grandiose chiaroscuro effects of his adopted Cotentin peninsula. A former student of the school of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg and the École Estienne in Paris, the artist’s creative career has been studded with awards and distinctions, yet what is striking is his exemplary artistic journey, which has always been guided by a desire to capture light, one that is capable of transcending nature and bringing a spiritual and divine dimension to his work.
Domalas does not content himself with painting landscapes; he reveals them so as to exalt them and to make them move with great sensitivity to the rhythm of his artistic soul. They become transfigurations of objective reality, or “sublime facets of the mind,” as the artist explains, revealing an extraordinary capacity to render – both in watercolours and oils – the exquisite beauty that nature has bequeathed to us.
In watercolours, which is a particularly difficult technique and leaves no margin for error, Domalas excels in conveying lighting effects thanks to his extremely fluid pigments with which the water plays. In oils, the artist skilfully handles the knife on abstractly composed paintings, to which he adds thick strokes of colour from a very rich palette to allow figurative motifs to gradually emerge.
Here is an art of painting that can be described as “poetical spiritual metamorphosis”.

Francine BUNEL-MALRAS, Art Historian

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