Free and independent spirit, Viviane FAIVRE-VELLA has made painting a real life path. Nourished by love, poetry and culture, she explored many paths before anchoring her research in a non-figurative approach where her sense of construction is marvellous.

When one looks at her career, one can only be impressed by the extent of the path she has travelled since her very first pictorial achievements, not to mention her experiences in the field of illustration.

Painting is for Viviane FAIVER a way of life. Painting is for Viviane FAIVRE-VELLA a way of apprehending the world and its mystery. She has made it the stubborn argument of an unceasingly renewed quest where line, colour, rhythm and energy conspire to give form and a foundation to her dreams. For what purpose can painting serve if not to invent a horizon! Art thus takes on the appearance of an endless journey for her.

The light of the Corsica transfigures Viviane's beautiful today. She feels at home in this sybarite refuge. It seems as if time has only brushed by her figure.

Luis PORQUET, art critic

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