Nicolle Pailler

Nicolle Pailler

Nicolle Pailler is originally from Sennecey-le-Grand, a village located between Tournus and Chalon-sur-Saône, right in the heart of this beautiful region of Burgundy steeped in Romanesque art.

Was it this environment, or the creative spirit of his father with his builder's temperament, that gave him this marked taste for drawing?

In any case, after working as a pharmacist for more than twenty-five years, she decided to devote herself to painting and then to pastels, seduced by the luminosity of the pigments and the softness of the shades.

Trainee at the Academy of Fine Arts in Chaville, then student of the Master pastellist Alain Victor (†), Nicolle Pailler retires to her studio in Chaville where she creates, most often inspired by the mountains, the forest, the sea or distant lands... She also shows a definite taste for portraits.

Her productions, whose palette favours blue, green, orange and yellow, lead her to participate regularly in exhibitions as a pastelist, portraitist and landscape painter.

Inspired by the peaceful moments of everyday life, holiday scenes and the evocation of the passing of time, she is also stimulated by the seascapes of Brittany, her adopted land, the banks of rivers and Venice, the city of heavenly waters. She is also fascinated by the great cities of the world, the "Grand Palais", the "Grand Palais" and the "Grand Palais".

Seduced and fascinated by the great desert expanses, she turns to an exotic theme and draws from it feelings and certainties of freedom and great solitude where the immensity of the desert engulfs you. As a colourist, she likes to make sapphire and emerald reflections and saffron and golden sands vibrate in unison.

Finally, she enjoys creating snow landscapes where the strength of the light and the softness of the colours give a feeling of great tranquillity.

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